Science Club

Science Club has been established on 21st November, 2006 vide its Notification No. TCE/F-46/06/599. The first Coordinator of the club was Mr. Vishwa Bharti Sharma (1) Principal of the college. The club has elected its office bearers on 29th November, 2006 vide Notification No: TCE/F46-06/716.

The elected office bearers for the session 2006-2007, were:

1. Mr. Yadvendra (2) Class Roll No. 197, President
2. Ms. Sweta Gupta (3) Class Roll No. 37, Vice President
3. Mr. Arun Kumar Saini (4) Class Roll No. 50, Secretary
4. Mr. Umesh Kumar Meena (5) Class Roll No. 247, Joint Secretary.

The Club organized workshop (6) regarding ‘Use of scientific apparatus’ on 28th December, 2006. The Club re-elected office bearers on 11th December 2007, for the session 2006-2007.

Following Students have been elected against the post mentioned below:-

1. Mr. Bharat Singh (7) Class Roll No. 346, President
2. Mr. Rajender Kumar Sharma (8) Class Roll No. 319, Secretary
3. Mr. Kamal Puri Goswami () Class Roll No. 219, Joint Secretary.
4. Ms. Mousmi Bhat (10) Class Roll No. 65, Treasurer.

The Club organized a seminar on ‘Conservation of Water’ (11) on 9th February, 2008 and a Symposium on ‘Use and Abuse of Nuclear Energy’ on 23rd February, 2008 vide Notification No: TCE/F-46/8/1720. The Science Club reelected its office bearers on 17th January 2009, for the session 2008-2009 vide its Notification No: TCE/F-46/9/1987.

The elected office bearers were:-

1. Mr. Ram Prakash Singh (12) Class Roll No. 90, President
2. Mr. Sandeep Sharma (13) Class Roll No. 14, Secretary
3. Ms. Gulashan Ara (14) Class Roll No. 19, Joint Secretary

The Club organized a seminar (15) on ‘Science and Globalization’ on 14th February, 2009 vide Notification No: TCE/F46/9/1987.