From the desk of the Principal

Dear Pupil teacher, it is a matter of a great pleasure for me that you have made up your mind to be a teacher and to achieve your mission you have chosen Trikuta College of Education, because it is one of the leading institution of Jammu and Kashmir and provides education in healthy environment. Our mission is to achieve excellence in the field of education in a healthy environment . Our mission is to achieve excellence in the field of teacher profession is a mission to enlighten the souls of the disciples. For this we first have to enlighten our own souls (Peer Teachers ). No doubt all the teachers of this institution will prove to be a great source of inspiration to you, they will also guide you throughout the duration of this course . At every step you will have the full cooperation of the staff. A good teacher is like a pathologist, just as a pathologist through the specific tests is able to indicate the problem, in the same way a good teacher is able to identify the specific weakness in a student. Teachers play a vital role in making this earth a better to live in. Therefore I wish you a wholesome stay in this college and bright future ahead.