Discipline Committee

The College has constituted three Members Discipline Committee on 21-11-2005 vide Notification No: TCE/F-129/05/79. The Coordinator of the Committee was Mrs. Poonam Sharma (1) Lecturer in Education

The College has reconstituted Audio Visual Cum Monitoring Committee on 29th December, 2008. The newly appointed Coordinator was Mr. Ravi Gupta (10), Lecturer in Teaching of Mathematics. Mr. Gupta audited College Library on 23rd January, 2009. The report (11) has been discussed with the staff on 23rd January, 2009 in general staff meeting. Mr. Gupta audited College Canteen on 16th March, 2009 and the report has been discussed and generalized in staff meeting on 26th March, 2009.

The Committee nominated the 13 office bearers for the Session 2006-07 vide Notification No: TCE/F-129/06/633 dated 24th November, 2006 among them:-

  • Mr. Umesh Kumar (6) Class Roll No 247, nominated as President.
  • Mr. Manjoor Ali (7) Class roll No 211, nominated as Secretary.
  • Mr. Naveen Kumar Dave (8) Class Roll No 65, nominated as Joint Secretary.

The Committee organized a Seminar (13) on “Importance of Discipline in Daily Life” on 25th February, 2008 vide Notification No: TCE/F-16/08/1270 dated 4th January, 2008.

The Committee again organized a Seminar. The Topic of the Seminar (14) was “Importance of Discipline” on 13th June, 2009 vide Notification No: TCE/F-46/09/2452 dated 2nd June, 2009.