Anti Ragging Committee

The College has established four members anti ragging committee first time on 24th July, 2006 vide notification No: TCE/F-88/06/367. The Coordinator of the Committee was Mr. Sanjeev Anand (1) Lecturer in Education. The Coordinator nominated following six students as members for smooth functioning on 25th July, 2006. The nominated members were:-

  • Mr. Satya Prakash (2) Class Roll No 02
  • Mr. Virendra Kumar (3) Class Roll No 05
  • Mrs. Jyoti Baveja (4) Class Roll No 04
  • Mr. Kuldeep Kumar (5) Class Roll No 146
  • Mr. Vinod Kumar Jagal (6) Class Roll No 211
  • Mr. Mahendra Kumar (7) Class Roll No 213

They have nominated vide Notification No: TCE/F-88/06/368. The same Committee nominated 06 students as members on 20th November, 2006 for the Session 2006-07 vide notification No: TCE/F-88/06/595. The nominated members were:-

  • Mr. Anand Kumar Soni (8) Class Roll No 03
  • Mr. Bhuvneshbar Singh (9) Class Roll No 06
  • Mukesh Kumar (10) Class Roll No 11
  • Mr. Mahaveer Prasad (11) Class Roll No 16
  • Mr. Prem Kumar (12) Class Roll No 20
  • Mr. Lala Ram Meena (13) Class Roll No 29

The Committee has been reconstituted on 1st November, 2007 vide Notification No: TCE/F-46/1112. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma (14) Lecturer in Education was appointed as the Coordinator of three member committee. Mr. Sharma elected three office bearers on 23rd January, 2008. The elected members were:-

  • Mr. Dinesh Chandra (15) Class Roll No 10, President.
  • Mr. Seema Dalla (16) Class Roll No 16, Secretary
  • Mr. Girraj Prasad Meena (17) Class Roll No 29, Joint Secretary.

They have been notified vide Notification No: TCE/F-46/08/1312 dated 23 January, 2008. The Committee has organized a Seminar on 3rd March 2008 (18). Topic of the Seminar was ‘Eradication of Ragging’. The same committee elected 13 students as office bearers. Among them:

  • Mr. Bhanu Partap Singh (19) Class Roll No 8, President.
  • Ms. Kumari Veerta (20) Class Roll No 20, Secretary.
  • Mr. Rakesh Singh (21) Class Roll No 61, Joint Secretary.

The Committee again organized a seminar (23) on 18th July, 2009 vide Notification No; TCE/F-46/09/2452 dated 2nd June, 2009. The topic of the seminar was 'Eradication of Ragging from Institutions'